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Founder Bio

Jerrell Bravo


Jerrell is based in Hong Kong and executes client engagements across Asia and Europe for Executive and Senior Management teams.

Jerrell holds a degree in Business Management with a concentration in finance. He is also an honorary member of The Asia Transformation & Turnaround Association (ATTA), associate member and trainer of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM), and panel advisor for the FinTech020 organisation in Hong Kong.

Since 2003, he has led workforce planning, Leadership Development, and Talent Management strategies for public and private companies in the Banking, Financial Services, Technology, Energy,and Staffing industries across Europe and Asia.

Founder Bio Jerrell Bravo


  • Six Sigma Certified Coach & Trainer
  • HKIHRM Training Professional
  • Asia Turnaround & Transformation
  • Association Honorary Member
  • Hiring & Management Skills Professional.


  • Human Centric Organisational Design
  • Solution-based Client Engagement
  • Business Growth & Stake holder Management
  • Employee Communication & Engagement
  • Dispute Resolution & Career Counselling
  • Strategic & Collaborative Negotiation
  • Performance Influence & Improvement
  • Self-appraisal & Time Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Change Management & Resource Planning

Training Experiences

Primary experience has been in Finance & Professional services organisations working with a range of management levels, from “first tim e manager” groups to Directorate and C suite level, with primary objectives targeted on improving leadership, customer & staff engagement, personal management, and organisational planning capabilities.

Executive Coaching Approach

Take an objective problem-solving approach to facilitate coach-ee to uncover the root causes of their performance gaps. On that basis, I formulate and recommend a coaching programme which will include focus on models that are currently underutilized as well as introducing new comcepts that will be of use for his/her specific objectives.

Once 3 core SMART objectives are set, we work towards meeting those improvement points over the course of the next 3-6 months. Coaching is conducted using the GROW model and frequent dialogues and 360 degree references to gauge external impact of improvements.


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