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Consulting, Development, & Support

Advisory Services

With a world class team of accomplished individuals, Bravo Sourcing Advisors help people solve the most challenging business and human issues.

Unlike “typical” advisors, we don’t just provide theory; we design, develop, and execute the plan- saving time and providing practical solutions to real issues.

Training & Development

BSA’s training courses equip professionals with the skills and knowledge that is key to success in work and life. With over 100 soft-skills training topics to choose from, we create practical courses that ensure each person reaches their full potential. 

Our training is customized to the specific development needs of People Managers, HR, sales, and operational teams, starting with the managers and directors that lead them.

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Coaching & Mediation

Often the largest obstacle to progress comes from within. Whether you are struggling to get “unstuck” or are facing adversity from others, BSA helps you understand the problem as is and find a clear way forward.

By coaching individuals through their challenges and mediating conflicts between humans, we create a path forward that ends with the most optimal result.

“Ok is not Ok, and if this is your motto, then BSA is a must to engage with. It is a great pleasure working with Bravo again to develop good into amazing.

CEO- Sales & Business Transformation Consultancy

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