Total Talent Acquisition Strategies

Recruitment Process Consulting

We design, refine, and revolutionize recruitment strategies for Multinationals & SME’s worldwide.

Through Bravo Advisors, we offer Recruitment Process Consulting solutions that improve efficiency, reduce time-to-hire, enhance candidate quality, and foster improved retention rates for new hires across a diverse range of industries and geographies. 

In short, Bravo Advisor consultants do one thing: optimize and refine the recruitment process. We analyse your existing process, provide industry best practices, develop your unique recruitment strategy, redesign workflows, implement metrics, draft procedures, and train talent teams on the same, so they are in the best position to win, even after engagement. We remain available to support our clients long after an engagement is complete.

Core Elements of Talent Strategy:

1. Audit & Analysis

Our work starts with a review of the existing recruitment process, including job descriptions, candidate sourcing strategies, interview processes, and candidate experience. We identify high-leverage fixes as the focus point for action.

2. Strategy

We collaborate with clients to develop a tailored recruitment strategy aligned with the organization’s goals. This may include refining job descriptions, determining effective sourcing channels, and optimizing the candidate evaluation criteria.

3. Implementation

We implement changes to the recruitment process to enhance efficiency, reduce time-to-hire, and improve candidate quality. This involves redesigning workflows, implementing technology solutions (e.g., applicant tracking systems), and streamlining administrative tasks.

4. Training & Skill Development

We provide a full range of training modules for HR staff & team managers to improve their recruitment and engagement skills. This includes topics such as effective interviewing techniques, job specification, sourcing, and staff engagement and management.

5. Metrics & Data

BSA develops key performance indicators (KPIs) and tracking mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of the new recruitment process. This helps clients make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement in their TA performance.

6. Compliance & Continuity

Bravo Advisor teams will review the client’s recruitment practices to ensure compliance with relevant employment laws and regulations. They may also provide forward guidance on scaling the hiring process, helping the organization continue to attract a diverse talent pool.


“Jerrell has done great work with us as a trainer at our Bank on capability building for hiring managers. Jerrell proved to be a great sparring partner and expert on strategic hiring. he is an impactful professional, bringing great solutions and lasting results.”

-Regional HR Director, Global Bank

Pragmatic, proactive and straight to the point are the words that spring to mind when I think back to our work together. The foundations BSA laid when helping us storyboard our pitch to candidates still informs our practices today. The real world approach helped generate talking points that were much more resonant than typical HR / recruitment jargon.

-Business Transformation Head, Insurance Multinational

Let’s build something great together.