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“When I first met with BSA, I was doing well on paper, I had a “good job”, was earning “good money” and everyone else was proud. Yet, I did not feel fulfilled– if i was doing so well, why did I still feel like I was stuck with no idea of what to do next?

Working with BSA for just 3 months gave me real clarity on where I really was, what I truly wanted, and how to get it. Jerrell helped me craft my business to fit the life I want and get to what, who, and where I know I was meant to be.”

-Michael T. CEO/Founder

Identify Goals

Clarify Reality

Analyze Options

Define a Way Forward

BSA takes you beyond “okay”, on to where you want to be.

Why am I Here?

BSA works with those who achieved a level of professional success, yet realize something is holding them back, or they should be doing work that better supports the life they want and not living life without clear direction.

Either way It can be frustrating knowing you’re capable of doing great things, yet still something is getting in the way. At BSA, we coach, train & support Individuals through career and business transitions, providing the clarity that only someone who has walked the path can.

What to Do?

Knowing where you are and where you need to go is critical, but isn’t much use if you don’t know what steps to take. Creating a clear path and helping execute the strategy is what our Career Coaches do for you. BSA brings our experience, resources and assets to work for you and your goals as if they were our own.

Where Does it End?

One of the biggest problems with doing well is that “rocking the boat” can seem to mean risking what you have built. BSA helps you foresee & mitigate risks, while managing relationships where needed. On the path to your true ambition, we help you cut through the ropes that hold you back, without burning bridges.

Issues We Solve

Founder’s Story

After completing studies in the United States, I started my career in London’s executive recruitment industry which quickly led to a move to Amsterdam in 2005. There I experienced almost everything I thought I needed to about people, business, management, corporate life and of course; recruitment. Though by 2012, I was celebrated as successful by my peers, and had launched and run businesses in Europe and Asia, I was starting to feel “stuck” in the high paying career I had built and I felt there was no rational way out.

I suddenly found myself wanting more fulfillment, and wasn’t finding it by just “working harder”. So it was time to make a choice:

Continue “going through the motions” at work while feeling unfulfilled with my path?


Push beyond “o.k.”, and take an unconventional route that would bring me purpose daily?

Since choosing option B, I spend my time supporting large corporations and SME’s around the world, helping their executives, managers, and team members become better than they ever thought they could by designing and implementing dynamic recruitment, engagement and leadership strategies.

BSA has been the vehicle that allowed me to focus on my passion and find my true path; helping individuals be better; for better careers, better companies, and better communities.

As we continue to provide coaching, training and advisory services across the globe, I look forward to the point where my passion meets with yours.

Jerrell Bravo, CEO & Founder- BSA

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